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Before updating begins, the price box displayed on the right side of the chart will show the current price.

If the chart is completely blank, the current price is outside the scale range of the price graph, or the chart window is not scrolled to the last bar in the chart, then the current price will not be shown.

If you have subscribed to more than one service, then you will need to run each relevant script (this will not interfere with your existing Ami Broker workspaces - new ones will be created).

Installers for the various integration scripts are available from our Downloads area.

You need to have Internet Explorer installed and functional on your machine, even if you don't use it as your default browser.

Here you can change the properties of the indicator (like color or periods). (you will find the detailed description of parameters window below).This page documents all of the possible reasons why an Intraday chart will not update in real-time or during a replay, or the Intraday chart is blank.Items with an * below are the more common causes and should be checked first.Ami Broker is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) technical analysis program, still the user by applying incorrect settings, poor formula coding and other sub-optimum choices can significantly slow it down.This short chapter we will give few hints on how to make program perform as it was originally designed to.

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