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Anything you list is really only helpful if people believe you. I mean, if they don't believe you when you say you're just looking for friends, why would they believe you when you say you're heterosexual? And I was having a hard time finding someone--and yes, I tried a scuba buddy forum first.Anything you list is really only helpful if people believe you. going to a dating site to look for friends (I was looking for scuba diving buddies). But basically, I was tired of chancing it booking charters on a boat solo and "hoping" someone would buddy up with me (or another buddy team would let me tag along as a third).

John was a champion girlfriend accumulator, the ringmaster of a romantic circus that only he could see.

The All-Star: This person never misses class and kicks ass the entire time. It’s usually some mom of four kids who works full time too. You want to be this person, but deep down you know you will never be and you’re okay with that. The teacher always says what a great job this person is doing in the middle of a class. And if they step it up a notch and wear lipstick to class, it’s game over. But you have to give them props, they’re getting a good workout! The Distractions: Those ladies that come to the gym not to work out but to socialize rather than in a coffee shop.

The Attention Whore: They have to make a grand entrance whether they walk in the studio late, or they make a scene when they get to class. But hey, they can have all the attention, no one normal wants to be watched as they are sweating balls. The Instructor’s Favorite: Normally this person doesn’t TRY to be the teacher’s pet (that would be the attention whore), it just happens. These girls usually aren’t there to sweat, and aren’t getting anything past you. A lot: You feel they’re pain, even though your sweat probably isn’t as visible.

You don’t want anyone to see you sweating or making awful faces while you endure the hour.

You go purely to leave feeling like you kicked some ass.

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