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With so many buzz around mobile web and responsive design, it just becomes mandatory for the favicon to address these new platforms. But what if we want to support i OS, Android, Windows 8 Metro and desktop browsers? If we want to do the job completely and address everything (first generation i Phone, latest Retina i Pad, Android Lollipop, IE 9, Mac OS Safari…), we can create up to 26 pictures. This is also where you declare your 4 pictures dedicated to IE 11. Android Chrome M39 also comes with its own manifest. So we not only have to create a lot of pictures, we also need to learn a lot of stuff. I created this site because I felt frustrated when I tried to generate the favicon of my previous web project.

This icon is used when your visitor adds your site to his home screen. i OS generates a miniature of the bookmarked web page and uses it as the icon. Android and Windows 8 follow the same trend, each one with its own approach. The main purpose of this file is to create “live tiles” and make your Metro tiles dynamic. So, creating 20-something icons is surely not funny, but this is something we can deal with. Give a script our picture and the sizes we want, it will create them all in no time. Creating a multi-platform favicon is not only a matter of size. For example, transparent icons fit the Android home screen well. It simply fills the transparent regions with black, which is generally not what we want. Well, you have the next-gen favicon generator option. Yes, among 1 billion web sites, this article was just published by the site it was referring to as the best site ever. I'm a web developer and the author of Real Favicon Generator.

So when I am on Google, it will show the icon for Stumble Upon, or something else.

Evertying else works, but for some reason this really pisses me off.

Using both of these statements insures the icon shows up in all browsers.We are continuously assaulted with information and our attention can’t focus on many things at once.That is why when it comes to browsing and saving information for later use, there are two kinds of people: those who open many tabs (and when we say many, we really mean it as some users open hundreds of tabs) and those who would rather bookmark the page and open it at a later date. With the i Phone and so many new devices created during the last 10 years, the favicon is no longer a single 16×16 picture. The most well-known derivative is the Apple Touch Icon for i OS. With Windows 8.1 and IE 11, Microsoft introduced the new . All is not lost, the second result are the Apple specs themselves. What if you don’t really wanna know everything about favicon, but simply get the job done quickly?Basically, if you still stick to the classic , you’re 10 years behind schedule. For example, the 310×310 tile picture, which is actually recommended to be 558×558, for high density screens (but still declared as the .

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They show up in webkit browsers and IE without any problems.

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