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As the piece puts it: "The hucksters he deemed most responsible ignored his calls. Their coffers were dry; a lawsuit seemed pointless.Once his helplessness gave way to rage, Portis lusted for a confrontation.

On a handful of late nights and early mornings in 2013 he lurked in his car near a Washington, D.

Former Redskins running back Clinton Portis had to be talked out of killing the financial advisers who he believed cost him millions he had saved for retirement, he said in a profile by Sports Illustrated's Brian Burnsed published Wednesday.

"It wasn't no ." The profile paints a dark picture of Portis in 2013, with his going as far as waiting in his car with a gun for one of the men he believed had wronged him.

“It wasn’t no .” He recounts those grim urges in the kitchen of his two-bedroom apartment, 11 floors below the penthouse of a chic tower in Northern Virginia, as winds bellow outside the panoramic windows.

Portis, 35, plays dominoes with a nephew as he speaks, reflecting on his private fury and his public bankruptcy—due in part to his own gambling and profligacy—and how he gradually learned to embrace life this far from the top.

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