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Those of us with dogs understand the time commitment and dedication it takes to become a successful dog owner.One thing dog owners have going for them is the internet which continues to assist and help dog owners in countless ways.

Things You Should Know Before You Start Online Dating - FBI Warns of Online Dating Scams Best for casual and serious daters.

But once you know how to take care of them, you will know that they are great companions and they are also very friendly.

The best thing about these dogs is they are very energetic so if you are an athletic type of person, you will get along well.

The pair - who exchanged flirty messages for a full two years before hooking-up - were none the wiser to the fact they shared the same mother..were in fact closer than either of them could ever have imagined.

Speaking before he revealed the results to the pair, Kyle said: 'You are having a physical sexual relationship with a man that you love and want to marry and at some point somebody might tell you that he could be your half-brother.

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