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Going out with girlfriends will grant bonuses to the player, including map locations for collectibles and extra races.

In Sleeping Dogs, dating comes in the form of missions, some girlfriends appear after the date, but after the missions are complete, all of their bonuses are unlocked and they cannot be dated again.

Those interested in getting to know some of RSPCA WA’s dogs are invited to take them for a stroll through the park, with RSPCA WA staff and volunteers on-hand to share each dog’s story, talk about its personality, and discuss the qualities it is seeking in a life partner.

If she's close to her dog, he'd better be, too.And when we're loyal, nothing will stand in our way.Whether we've raised our dogs from puppies or not, we know that sometimes it's hard to take care of those we love like babies. Dating can be hard for single dog owners who are looking for someone who understands 4 a.m.pee outings, daily trips to the park — rain or shine — feelings of guilt when you're away from home too long and unconditional love for a furry friend who depends on you for all their needs.

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The group is hosting the first in a series of dating events called "Meet My Owner," a singles mixer for pet owners.

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