Non sedating antihistamines for allergic rhinitis

Rhinitis (whether due to allergic or other causes) is a risk factor for the development of asthma.

Rhinitis is also implicated in otitis media with effusion and in sinusitis which should rightly be termed rhinosinusitis since sinus inflammation almost always involves the nasal passages as well.

Rhinitis means inflammation of the lining of the nose.

Rhinitis is defined clinically as symptoms of runny nose itching, sneezing and nasal blockage (congestion).

A very broad range of substances can be allergens to sensitive individuals.

Food allergies are not as common as food sensitivity, but some foods such as peanuts (a legume), nuts, seafood and shellfish are the cause of serious allergies in many people.

It is worse inside, at home, and in the colder months. So what are the symptoms if the cause is infectious? The common cold is a rhinitis triggered by a viral infection.

Most often it is caused by an allergy or an infection. Older sedating antihistamines can hamper productivity and make driving dangerous, as can incessant sneezing. Treating rhinitis helps to treat and even prevent asthma. Allergy to dust mite causes rhinitis symptoms mostly around older upholstered furniture, bedding and carpets.

They are best used for short-term management of allergic problems, and a health-care professional must always monitor their use, as there are potential serious side effects when using these medications for extended periods.

The symptoms also include sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion and can be mistaken for an allergy at first.

Cloudy discharge, cough and/or sore throat suggest an infectious cause. Treatment is symptomatic with steaming, an anti-inflammatory, decongestants and antihistamines for sneezing and runny nose.

Examples of the nasal steroids include: These are generally used once or twice daily.

It is recommended to tilt the head forward during the administration to avoid from spraying the back of the throat instead of the nose.

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