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However, it becomes clear from some objections registered by prominent Church leaders, that the religiously charged environment in which pilgrimage took place did present pious women with obstacles in their quest for their objective.

These obstacles presented themselves both on the journey itself and at the destination, and were especially concerned with issues of accommodation.

(I do not see what she will gain from such a long walk over such a laborious route; whereas, with the help of the Lord I could easily demonstrate the damage she and those with her will suffer…I wonder how, travelling over those distances, they can avoid drinking the water of Gihon, either in their thoughts or in their deeds. 277) While it is important not to decontextualize these arguments from their original debates (for more on this, see Bitton-Ashkelony, 2005, esp. 279-83), it is interesting that both authors focus on the difficulty of the journey itself as the main detriment in travelling for alleged spiritual benefit.Importantly, they are said to influence 80% of all sales and travel expenditures, albeit often through more oblique processes.This is exemplified through the “grocery list” male shopper—men making the actual purchase, but acting on behalf of a spouse, mother, sibling or girlfriend.Moreover, in developed nations, the salary gap continues to narrow, helping to further erode any entrenched glass-ceiling effect.In short, more influence and more spending power means more female-driven consumption.

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