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I just thanked her for the good time and sent them a bottle of champagne. AE: Do you think you’ll ever hang out again, at least as friends? I always see Glenn around, the gay scene in South Beach is very small. AE: We know that Brooke thinks you’re a good kisser — how was she? AE: On your end, what was the best part of the date?

AE: When you saw Brooke’s roommate and her date, were you wondering if you could get their digits instead? [Ashley’s date] is very cute, I always run into her and we laugh together about it. D: It was probably off-camera, it was a little weird for me. AE: Is it weird to see that you’ve got such a huge following from all over the country now? After the episode aired, my My Space and Facebook have been blowing up with girls from everywhere and a lot of people on the streets recognize me as the lil’ boy that kissed Brooke Hogan.

but Brooke Hogan ain't exactly backing off her claim. READ MORE Brooke Hogan dropped some interesting info Saturday night ... Brooke was leaving Catch when our photog asked about Hulk's return, after being banished…

READ MORE Brooke Hogan has a good idea about who should benefit most from her dad, Hulk Hogan's 0 million sex tape judgment.

(sic)' she captioned a photo of a stunning gold Michael Kors watch featuring an unusual turquoise face that matched her bracelet.

Moving on: The former professional wrestler and daughter of the great Hulk Hogan appeared to be having a ball with her beau, looking happy and relaxed as they sat close together chatting throughout the match, as she moves on from her broken engagement to Dallas Cowboys player Phil Costa in November Her man, whom she's yet to formally identify despite sharing plenty of photos of the couple with fans on social media, was dressed in a short-sleeved dark blue shirt and wore a tatty blue and white baseball caps over his blonde mane and sported groomed facial hair.

at least that's why Brooke thinks she bolted 24 hours ago. READ MORE She got in huge trouble for saying WWE was trying to court Hulk Hogan for Wrestle Mania ...

'My #mcm Is my belated birthday present (he's a few days younger), my sweet bf!!

' On Monday, the birthday girl shared a sweet selfie with her boyfriend, whom she's been with since at least February but has not publicly named, in recognition of Man Crush Monday What a catch!

Hogan, who was once engaged and all set to tie the knot with The split must have hurt Hogan and Phil a lot, but you might be shocked to know the reason behind their break up. Hogan and Phil’s engagement took place on 29th June 2013 after Phil put a ring on her finger in a rather romantic way while they were in Los Angeles. She took to Instagram to share her happiness as she wrote: Since Phil and Hogan aren’t together anymore, Hogan has had the post and other Twitter post removed.

There were a lot of rumors which claimed that Hogan broke the engagement to focus on her career as a musician.

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  1. They've been spotted arriving for gym sessions together, though this is the first time they've been seen away from a workout appearing to confirm they're mixing business with pleasure.“There was definitely a lot of physical interaction," they added.