Young earth creationists and carbon 14 dating of diamonds

If something were older than 100,000 years old, it would not have any detectible amount of carbon 14 remaining. “If the rate carbon 14 decays has been consistent, any carbon 14 older than 100,000 years is undetectable by current measuring techniques.[i]” So if carbon 14 is found in something, it has to be less than 100,000 years old.Did you know that carbon 14 has been detected inside natural diamonds?There are many laws that govern the peculiarities of everyday life, of which Murphy’s Law is the best known.But in my engagement with those teetering within the creationism debate, I’ve discovered a new pattern of behavior that perhaps deserves its own name. Simply put, the longer one discusses the age of the Earth, the more likely a flawed statement about radiocarbon dating will steer the conversation into futility.Interestingly, a blank sample measured zero C-14 so it wasn’t a machine error!The conclusion that these scientists refused to consider was that the rock and fossil samples were not millions of years old.It is a popular belief that carbon dating is used to date things that are millions of years old.However, carbon 14 dating cannot be used to date something that is older than 100,000 years old.

Parts of each measurement are based in known solid science, but there are assumed portions! zircons form, they chemically attract uranium atoms and chemically reject lead atoms ...

But separate from that - there are other (non-radiometric) dating methods based upon Earth processes. uranium decays, depositing both lead and helium ...

We live on a dynamic (not static) planet; things are changing. in molten granitic rock today, there are lots of silicon and oxygen ions (electrically charged atoms), and some zirconium, uranium, and lead ions ... lattice will often reach out (electrostatically), grab the uranium ion ...

Now, many people mistakenly appeal to carbon-14, or C-14, dating to support the supposed old ages that evolution requires. If our whole earth were made of nothing but C-14 atoms, after just one million years there would be nothing left!

But C-14 dating isn’t actually used to date things that are thought to be millions of years old. Okay, so no evolutionary scientist expects to find C-14 in a fossil they believe is millions of years old.

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